Bonfolk Donation Socks

Every pair sold through Bonfolk, a pair will be donated to a shelter in the USA for those in need.

"Bonfolk" stands for "Good Folks", good people. 

Socks are the most requested & least donated article of clothing in shelters. 

Our mission to help solve this critical social problem by addressing this basic unmet need.

It's easy to forget how important socks are to our health since most of us have easy access to a

clean pair daily, but millions of Americans are without that luxury.  Clean socks are essential to

disease prevention, warmth & for our overall quality of life.At Bonfolk, we believe we are all

one & small improvements add up to significant changes in our world.


Many ask us if the donation socks given to the homeless are the same as the "fun" socks we sell. No, we have engineered a specific sock with their needs in mind.