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Socks are the most requested, yet least donated article of clothing in homeless shelters across the USA.

Our mission is to change that!

In 2015, Bonfolk "Good Folk" was created on the foundation that for every pair of socks sold, one will be donated to a shelter or charity for those in need. We kicked it off in our founders hometown of New Orleans, designing fun socks that represent the unique culture in Louisiana and beauty of the south.

Through your purchases, each month we partner with different causes that are in need of socks. 

We have now donated over 75,000 pairs!

Thank you for allowing us

to be the courier of your goodwill!


Whats next...

Design socks symbolic of every state and donate across the entire nation. Be on the lookout folks! 


It's easy to forget the importance of socks to our health as most of us have easy access to a clean pair daily. The reality is that millions of Americans are without that luxury. We are working to get folks back on their feet, one pair at a time! 

Donation Socks 2

Do you want to partner with us for a donation or know of a location in need? 

Please reach out as we'd love to hear from you!

-Bonfolk Team